Havana Beach Club

2001. Havana was born. The opening season started with the Aeronautical Party, that gathered all the elite crowd of the capital city.

 Also this same year Havana hosted the huge event of “Miss Albania”. 2004. Havana was rebuilt closer to the sea. 2005. This club hosted 3000 people partying nonstop until sunrise in a unforgettable party sponsored by the “Mjaft” organization. 2006.

It launched a special party with Thai theme by offering to its limited and special guests the pleasures of the Thai cuisine and massages. 2007. Havana introduced the Sunday afternoon party, a kind of entertainment that differentiated Havana’s style in the club scene. 2008. Havana was rebuilt again after suffering damages from a terrible storm that hit Dhermi beach. The Sunday afternoon party reached its peak popularity. 2009. The most successful year for this club, that opened the summer season with the “white sensation” trendy party.

Another successful party worth mentioning is “La troya”, the theme party being the ancient Greeks and Romans, where the crowd was dressed as gladiators and ancient Romans. Also this year Havana proudly held an extraordinary event, called “Havana Sun fest”. This party lasted 4 days and introducing very popular DJ’s to the Albanian audience, amongst them the legendary DJ Tiesto, an icon of the trance music. In this event 7000 people packed the surroundings of Havana beach club. Tel+355 67 204 1982

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